OER Open Educational Resource

The workshops and special issue are a pilot stage for the development of an Open Educational Resource that explores the theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of teaching life writing in educational (K-12, universities/ colleges, and adult education), community (public libraries, community workshops, activism, or NGO work), and creative settings (museums, creative writing workshops, etc).

 In Spring-Summer 20201 the organizers are focusing on the pilot stage as well as initial OER characterization, design, and funding. Pending the success of the pilot workshop series and funding opportunities — the organizers will host collaborative resource development workshops in 2022-2023, creating an open access database and resource bank which will share practical materials for teaching life writing (from keyword guides, to tangible assignments, and sample syllabi).

Further information forthcoming in 2022.

Interested in learning more about the project or expressing interest in resource development for the Teaching Life Writing OER? Write to us at: lwconf@ualberta.ca