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9.2 Teaching Truth and/or Fiction- by Gina Snooks

“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up,” at least that’s what Lee Gutkind claims in the book of same title (2012). But is it true? According to Gutkind in creative nonfiction writing it is assumed that the facts are true — real, it’s simply the style of writing that is creative. Anything less than absolute truth…

Teaching Challenges- by Leila Pazargadi

On Friday, December 11, 2020, I had the privilege of moderating a roundtable discussion entitled Teaching Challenges. It’s a title that not only nods to the challenges we face while teaching, but perhaps, also to the challenges we present to our students. It was the last roundtable of the superb Teaching Life Writing Conference, which…

11.2 Remediating Lives: Editing and Publishing- by Katherine Roseau

This rich panel offered both pedagogical theory and practical applications. To start the panel, Craig Howes retraced the emergence of scholarship on teaching life writing in the late 1990s and its evolution since. He took the opportunity to look back on Teaching Life Writing Texts (MLA 2007). As the title suggests, the focus has been…

Trauma and Medical Discourse- by Tanis MacDonald

What a thought-provoking and terrific panel this was. Many thanks to Mary Mahoney, Melissa Jacques, and Theresa Tinkle for their papers and for a far-ranging discussion in the Q&A, with a provocative question from Melissa about how we manage affect in the classroom, and for what we wish when we do so.   To get…


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