Exciting Questions so Far- by Julie Rak

Hi everyone—I love the sessions so far. Here’s a roundup of some issues I heard about in sessions 1.1 and 2.1:

  • Student assessment: ways the we can involve students in their own assessment of creative-critical projects
  • The politics of disclosure and trauma—when students write about their lives, what kind of work can we do to make sure that we are not just doing therapeutic work?
  • What about the politics of students who are from a majority position who want to study minority work: is there an ethics to that which should be part of our classroom practices?

There’s more than that—hit reply, and say what you think or what you have heard so far!

One thought on “Exciting Questions so Far- by Julie Rak

  1. So many interesting discussions on Day 1! One theme of particular interest to me was how this year has brought about reflections on, and transformed engagements with, the physical and material, and how this has affected how and what we teach.

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